College Success Bootcamp

February 19-23, 2024

The first session of the College Success Bootcamp was amazing! I hope you found today’s presentation valuable, where we discussed building a balanced college list and finding the right college at the right price. We covered a lot, but you can easily review the recording at your convenience by clicking the button below.


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Financial Aid



1:1 access to your dedicated expert

Strategy - to help you qualify for the maximum amount of financial aid & scholarships

Forms — Completing the FAFSA & CSS PROFILE for you

Appeals — Reviewing all financial aid awards and providing a strategy to appeal

Paying/Borrowing — Customized plan to pay and/or borrow for all 4 years of college




1:1 access to your dedicated expert

College List Build & Strategy

Course selection and standardized test coaching

Personal statement and essay reviews

Application Review & Guidance

Mentorship through the final decision!

Fin Aid + Admissions



1:1 access to your dedicated expert TEAM

All Financial Aid Services

All Admissions Services

Dedicated Financial Aid Expert

Dedicated Admissions Expert

Bootcamp Recordings

Session 1

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How to Find the Right College at the Right Price


  • How to build a balanced college list 
  • Finding schools that match your financial, academic & emotional needs
  • Choosing the best high school courses to maximize success
  • The ins and outs of demonstrated interest

Session 2

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The SAT & ACT Breakdown: Expert Tips & Test Optional Guidance

What we covered:

  • Is the SAT or ACT “better?
  • How colleges view standardized tests
  • Why if my student isn’t a “good test taker?”
  • Do test scores impact scholarships?
  • Everything you need to know about the digital SAT

Session 3

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Ace Your College Application & Personal Essay

What we covered:

  • When & Where to start
  •  What are colleges really want to see
  • The importance of the essay (especially now)
  •  Common mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  • Top 5 Tips for your Common App

Session 4

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Cutting College Costs with Financial Aid & Scholarships

What we covered:

  • What you can do NOW 
  • The FAFSA & the CSS Profile
  • How to get discounts when you aren’t eligible for financial aid
  • Why you should submit the FAFSA (even if you don’t think you qualify for assistance)
  • Where to find scholarships even if you aren’t an “All A” student

Session 5

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The ReCAP: Expert Wrap-Up Panel & Scholarship Drawing

What we covered:

  • Short reCAP of the previous sessions
  • Live Q&A with our industry experts
  • $1,000 “No Essay” Scholarship Drawing

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