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College Aid Pro offers personalized recommendations to show you your affordable path to college

An easy to use, intuitive app, College Aid Pro is a valuable resource allowing you to compare schools, financial aid packages, and understand the hidden intricacies of the college financing landscape.

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100% refund if we don’t accurately project your total net cost of college within 5%!

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Don’t fall into the “We’ll figure it out” trap. Too many parents end up using their own retirement savings to pay for their children’s college education or take on loans themselves. College Aid Pro helps you avoid this costly mistake.


The average college student borrows more than $37,000 to pay for their education – and take 21 years to repay the debt. College Aid Pro may help you graduate debt-free!

School Counselors & IEC's

Too many students think they can't afford college - because they don't know the facts. With College Aid Pro, school counselors can steer more students to a rewarding, affordable college education. Find out how to get started now.

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B. Krantz
Los Angeles, CA
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J. Lola
Brooklyn, NY