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College Applications and Financial Aid for Transgender Students

A Transgender Student’s Guide to Shopping, Applying And Paying For College. While more and more students...

4 min 11/01/2022

Net Price Calculators: Part of the Problem, Not the Solution

Our core belief at CAP is that students and families can make smart, fiscally sound...

4 min 10/24/2022

FAFSA Changes 2023-24: What You Need To Know

The Federal Student Aid office recently announced FAFSA changes that will go into effect for...

4 min 10/07/2022

2023-2024 CSS Profile Dos, Don’ts, and Updates

The 2023-2024 CSS Profile is available on October 1, 2022. Before you dive head first...

3 min 09/30/2022

CAP Data Update! Admissions, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

“Have you started looking at colleges yet?” I remember asking my daughter this question 3...

3 min 09/28/2022

How to Make a College Education Affordable

Flip or scroll through the news, and it won't take you long to find some...

4 min 09/19/2022

Pros and Cons Of Test-Optional College Admissions

Pros and Cons Of Test-Optional College Admissions For years, students and parents have railed against the...


All About the Money: 3 Important Financial Questions You Should be Asking When Picking a College

College is an investment. And like all other investments, you should expect to get a great...


What You Need to Know About College Application Season

The fall 2023 enrollment season is here! This time brings a flurry of excitement, nerves,...


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