6 Critical Steps to Paying for College Presented by Calamos Investments


Earn 1-hour CFP® CE credit while taking in a Zoom presentation covering 6 Critical Steps to Paying for College

In this 60-minute session, college planning guru Joe Messinger, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CCFC will provide you with an insider’s look at his 6 Step College Pre-Approval™ process. His proprietary process for helping families plan for and cut the cost of college. You will learn how to guide families through the financial aid process and get the most free money for college. A battle-tested approach to ensure students graduate with manageable student loan debt without robbing retirement.

XYPN Live 2021

In Person

Join College Aid Pro™ at XYPN Live in Denver, Colorado on November 8th.

XYPN Pre-Conference 2021

In Person

This full-day workshop aims to give you the knowledge and tools you need to help clients navigate the college funding investment. Via a full day of in-person training and discussion, Joe and Heather will give you the technical college-planning and loan-repayment skills, as well as practice-management resources and hacks you need, to serve Gen X and Y.

Are you ready to join us this fall?