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What is an EFC and What Does it Mean For You?

In this video, we're going to take a look at what is an EFC and...


What is the Data Retrieval Tool in FAFSA?

  In this video, we'll discuss what to know about the Data Retrieval Tool and how...


The FAFSA Simplification Act – Upcoming FAFSA Changes

With the FAFSA Simplification Act comes a host of changes to the way federal student...

4 min 11/21/2022

Pros and Cons of FAFSA’s Data Retrieval Tool

The FAFSA leverages a tool called the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) to make...


FAFSA Changes 2023-24: What You Need To Know

The Federal Student Aid office recently announced FAFSA changes that will go into effect for...

4 min 10/07/2022

What you Need to Know About Completing the CSS Profile or FAFSA with Divorced or Separated Parents or Two-Household Families

Financial aid forms can seem tricky for any household, but this is especially true for...


FAFSA Mistakes To Avoid

Every October 1st, the FAFSA onslaught begins. Articles and social media posts pop up about...

3 min 09/08/2022

Quirks of the Financial Aid Application: Answers to Some Common FAFSA Questions

When you think about financial aid, “quirky” might not be the first word that comes...

3 min 09/08/2022

Applying for Financial Aid: FAFSA and CSS Profile

 Today we’re talking about applying for financial aid. Not the most exciting topic, but we...

3 min 09/08/2022

What is the FSA ID? Why do you need one?

Thank you for joining us for this brief video with our very own Fairy Godmother...


Prior-Prior Year (PPY) : What It Is and Why It Matters to College Financial Aid

It seems like in the world of financial aid there's always one question that bubbles...


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