A Facts-Based Approach to College Funding

Say Goodbye to Guesswork

We’re not here to hype 529 Plans. We’re here to help your clients shop smarter for college and enhance their Return on Education (ROE).

We believe families deserve to know what they’re paying for, and we believe advisors deserve tools that can help.

At College Aid Pro™, our advanced software delivers data-driven answers to questions like:

  • What’s my client’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC)? 
  • What’s the net-cost of each school?
  • What does it cost on a four-year basis?
  • What do graduates make one, five, and ten years after school?
  • What will my client’s monthly student loan payments be?

Above all, our tools allow you to compare schools on a granular level and identify the ideal fit for your clients. And instead of taking hours (or days) to research, you can get the data in a matter of minutes.

Our Mission

Changing the Way America Shops for College

College funding is the #1 financial concern for American families — and it has been for a while.

You know who loves that statistic the most? Colleges and universities. Just look at the steady rise in tuition costs over the last twenty years. As a result, countless families are forced to fret about their finances as advisors struggle to find the time and tools to help. 

At College Aid Pro™, we built our state-of-the-art software to provide a better path forward. 

Our team of founders, financial experts, and college admissions professionals uphold our mission to help advisors streamline the college planning process, and to put families back in the driver’s seat of their investment. 

It’s time to deliver expert college funding advice with confidence and ease.

Welcome to College Aid Pro™. 

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Powered By

College Aid Pro™ is powered by Capstone College Partners and College Funding Services. Joseph Messinger, David Bowman, Matt Carpenter, and Bill Rabbitt have partnered together to create and develop the College Aid Pro™ tool with one goal in mind: to change the way America shops for college.

Both Capstone College Partners and College Funding Services prioritize helping to end the student loan crisis one family at a time. By creating a community of like-minded advisors, and providing them with the tools and support they need, this group has built a unique network of individuals who are ready to level up their practices and make a positive impact on their client community.

Why College Aid Pro?

Financial planners today are facing a crisis of differentiation. Many firms are feeling stuck in a sometimes saturated market, and aren’t sure how to step out from the crowd as the go-to financial planning option for their ideal clients.

College Aid Pro™ is here to help.

College funding is the #1 financial concern for Gen X parents and their children. With the rising cost of college and the lack of clarity around what families will actually be expected to pay, parents need someone to advise on their investment in education.

College Aid Pro™ allows advisors to provide a unique service that addresses this pressing financial concern in an easy-to-understand way.

With College Aid Pro™, you can join a community of advisors growing thriving practices by efficiently addressing this acute need.

Meet the Founders

Working to Help You Master Your
College Funding Practice.

Joe Messinger CFP®

Co-Founder & Director of Advisor Solutions

Have a question about college funding? Joe’s your guy. Joe’s revolutionary approach to providing expert college planning advice in an client-centric and comprehensive way has made him an expert in the college planning field. He’s on a mission to educate and empower other financial advisors to raise the bar in college funding advice and help end the student loan crisis, one family at a time.

Matt Carpenter

Chief Strategy Officer

Matt started College Funding Services (CFS) in 2005. It became Matt’s mission to show other families how to avoid making similar mistakes in one of the biggest investments of their life. As College Aid Pro™’s Head Coach, Matt is working to help advisors learn how to best implement college funding within their practice for optimal success.

Bill Rabbitt

Chief Product Officer (Dean of Technology)

Bill’s mission is to make the College Aid Pro™ software as up to date and user-friendly as possible. He works on all things tech for the CAP team, and is focused on battle-testing each new feature to make sure it serves the greater college funding community. His personal mission is to help families navigate this process in a strategic and fully educated way so as to limit the stress and cost as much as possible.

Dave Bowman, CFP®

Chief Experience Officer (Dean of Advisors)

Dave is our COO and Chief Experience Officer. Though his company Outsourced Planning, Dave has worked intensively with more that 40 advisory practices and global financial services organizations, helping them to provide better advice to more people with less effort. Dave spends most of his time working with advisors in our community to understand their challenges and then developing solutions through CAP to solve them.

Kevin Degnan, CFA

President & CFO

Kevin has lived several professional lives in his career, including rural development work with the Peace Corps, international financial advisory positions with multinational corporations, and M&A investment banking experience working with high-growth tech companies. The consistencies throughout include a passion to take on new challenges, pushing the boundaries of what organizations and people are capable of, and building dynamic, nurturing work culture. As CAP’s President & CFO, Kevin is responsible for scaling and developing CAP into a world-class organization so it can achieve the lofty goal of ending the student debt crisis at its source by changing the way America shops for college.

Elizabeth Bowman

Operations Manager

Elizabeth is our guru of organization and productivity. She helps the rest of our team execute on the vision by coordinating our activity and communications, both internally and with members, partners, and other stakeholders. It is her personal goal to help upcoming colleagues feel fully equipped to make their future investment for college. Elizabeth holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Youngstown State.

Jonny Roller

Lead Developer

Jonny Roller is the CTO at E Space Communications and the lead developer of College Aid Pro. Jonny has been an external part of the team from the very beginning. His rare ability to balance needs for elegant back-end architecture, intuitive front-end experience, and business-case strategic design have been integral to the success of the team and the usability of College Aid Pro for our members.

Brian Ford

Director of Data Integrity

Brian Ford is an expert college admissions professional with experience on both sides of the admissions cycle. As a member of admissions offices at schools including Bryant University and Boston University, Brian oversaw the recruitment, review and retention of prospective undergraduate students for close to 20 states over a seven year period. Brian then spent four years as the Director of College Counseling at Austin Preparatory School in Reading, Massachusetts. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI – where he was a collegiate athlete in Cross-Country and Track and Field – and a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University, specializing in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies.

Ryan Callahan

Data Accuracy Team Member

Ryan is a need analysis expert with more than fifteen years of Financial Aid experience and is currently the Director of Financial Aid at Harvard Medical School. He began his career as an Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Boston College. While at BC he received his Master’s Degree in Higher Education. From there he moved on to MIT and served as the Associate Director of Financial Aid. Having dedicated his career to working in elite educational institutions, he understands the importance of financial aid in affording families with the opportunities of a private education.

Mark Salisbury

Data Accuracy Team Member

Mark Salisbury spent 25 years in higher education as a soccer coach, admissions counselor, data analyst, and academic administrator. He has a PhD in higher education and studies how colleges and universities succeed (or fail) in helping students learn and grow. His research has been featured by NPR, WNYC, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Inside Higher Ed. Two years ago, Mark started TuitionFit to solve the lack of college price transparency by crowdsourcing information.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Data Accuracy Team Member

Lynn O’Shaughnessy, a nationally recognized higher-ed expert, is the creator of Savvy College Planning, an online course offered by Horsesmouth to financial advisors. The popular course shares the fundamentals of late-stage college planning so advisors can help clients who are nearing the end of saving for college and now must pay for college. Lynn, a former Los Angeles Times reporter, also shares college advice through her website, The College Solution, and her online course for parents, independent college consultants, and high school counselors. Lynn is the author of an Amazon bestseller, The College Solution.

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