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What is the CSS Profile? Mastering the CSS Profile for Maximum Aid

When it comes to financing your education, there's more to consider than just tuition fees....

3 min 09/14/2023

Financial Aid Guidance for Divorced or Separated Families   What Constitutes a "Divorced or Separated Family" for College Financial Aid? Colleges don't see a difference...

6 min 03/27/2023

How Home Equity Affects The CSS Profile

The CSS Profile and the FAFSA have very different requirements and how they calculate your...

4 min 11/17/2022

2023-2024 CSS Profile Dos, Don’ts, and Updates

The 2023-2024 CSS Profile is available on October 1, 2022. Before you dive headfirst into...

3 min 09/30/2022

What you Need to Know About Completing the CSS Profile or FAFSA with Divorced or Separated Parents or Two-Household Families

Financial aid forms can seem tricky for any household, but this is especially true for...


Parents and Dependents: Clarifying Relationships in Financial Aid Reporting

When dependent students apply for financial aid whether through the FAFSA or CSS Profile, they...

3 min 09/08/2022

The 3 Different Types of Expected Family Contribution Explained

Do you find this article helpful? Imagine what you could learn from Matt, along with...

3 min 09/08/2022

Applying for Financial Aid: FAFSA and CSS Profile

 Today we’re talking about applying for financial aid. Not the most exciting topic, but we...

3 min 09/08/2022

Prior-Prior Year (PPY) : What It Is and Why It Matters to College Financial Aid

It seems like in the world of financial aid there's always one question that bubbles...


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