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What is A Financial Safety School? Should You Have at Least One on Your College List?

A “financial safety” school is a college that you know your family can afford. It...


Acceptance Letters VS Financial Aid Letters

What's the Difference Between an Acceptance Letter and a Financial Aid Letter? Acceptance Letters An acceptance letter...

4 min 04/14/2023

Weighted and Unweighted GPAs – Let’s Clarify Their Impact on Merit Money

Merit Scholarships: How do Colleges look at Weighted and Unweighted GPAs? Merit scholarships are a great...


CAP Report Card – Merit Scholarship Transparency Rankings

 The Importance of Transparency College Aid Pro’s (CAP) Mission is to End the Student Debt Crisis...


What Are Talent Merit Scholarships?

Does your student have a special skill they have developed for years? Have they practiced...

3 min 09/08/2022

What Are Competitive Merit Scholarships?

When most people think about merit scholarships, they think of a competitive elimination process where...


Top Two Resources for Finding Automatic Merit Scholarships

With the cost of college continuously on the rise, many college-bound students and their parents...


Ways to Pay for College: 5 Types of Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit scholarships can be one of the best ways to pay for college, especially if...


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