The Tech

The CAP platform combines the essential, foundational knowledge you need with data-driven, customized insights so you know exactly how much you should be paying for college.

Customized Net Costs

  • Bottoms-up, detailed net cost projections based on your unique situation and inputs

  • You do not have to rely on outdated and often irrelevant financial aid %s provided by the colleges

We have customized financial aid, scholarship, admission, and salary data all in one place. For every college!

Shop for Schools and Compare

  • Include financial fit and affordability as you build out your college list!

  • Instantly sort colleges based on your admissions preferences and budget constraints
Find which of these will provide the most in financial aid and scholarship discounts

Line-by-Line Form Instructions

  • We step you through every question on both the FAFSA and CSS Profile

  • Helpful explanations on common pitfalls and how to avoid costly mistakes
Separated or divorced? Own your own business? We specialize in these types of cases

Translate & Compare Awards

  • Upload your award letters and have them translated instantly

  • Eliminate the noise and understand true free aid vs. loans
Compare all awards on an apples-to-apples basis

Financial Aid Appeals Evaluation

  • Did you get a fair financial aid offer from the school?

  • Is there a chance for a successful appeal?

We can answer both instantly and help you craft the perfect appeal strategy

How to Pay the Bill

  • Understand different loan types – subsidized/unsubsidized, public/private, student/parent

  • Guidance on which loans you should consider and which you should avoid

How and when to dip into different assets, such as 529 accounts

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