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Confused by the Appeals Process? A Step By Step Guide for High School Seniors

Congratulations Class of 2023 - you’re on the home stretch! High school graduation is right...

5 min 03/15/2023

Financial Aid Appeals – Evaluate Your Options with our New Awards Analyzer

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” – Herbert Spencer We created the...

3 min 03/06/2023

What Is Appealing? Can I Get More Money? Appealing- Can you really go back and ask a college to give you more money...


Does Appealing For More Financial Aid Affect Admissions

Are you unsure if appealing for more financial aid affects your admissions decision? Watch this...


Understanding Financial Aid Award Letters And How To Compare Them

College admissions can start to roll in in the month of December every year and...

4 min 01/05/2023

How to Write a Letter of Appeal for Financial Aid

Was your expected family contribution (EFC) too high and now you’re left with a too-little...


How To Navigate Financial Aid Appeals With Your College-Bound Student

Negotiation is an art.  Lawyers negotiate contracts, deals, and settlements on behalf of their clients, real...


What College Should I Go To? 12 Important Things to Consider

As we get close to May 1, National College Decision Day, deciding where to go...

4 min 09/13/2022

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