CAP’s new Financial Aid Award Analyzer in the Evaluate & Appeal module allows you to answer arguably the most important question when it comes to making your final decision on what college to choose:

Did you get a fair financial aid offer or not??

While it is not advisable to appeal every financial aid award, families underutilize the appeals process and miss out on thousands of dollars in free aid that they are eligible for.

How do you know when you were under-awarded by a school and when to appeal? CAP’s Award Analyzer was built to do the heavy lifting for you.

How does the CAP Award Analyzer work?

  1. Upload your award letters to have them auto-translated in seconds -VIew your side-by-side, apples-to-apples comparison to help you easily sift through the hundreds of different award letter variations in use by colleges
  2. The Awards Analyzer will then instantly evaluate your award for the likelihood for a successful appeal, grading them into four categories:
    • Very Strong Likelihood
    • Strong
    • Less Likely
    • Low

In addition to reviewing the specific amounts and types of aid awarded, the Award Analyzer also considers:

  • The type of institution and its financial aid methodology and approach
  • Family dynamic considerations that may help your case
  • Special circumstances which deserve a closer look by the financial aid office

For cases where an appeal is recommended, CAP’s team of financial aid experts are available to help you craft the optimal appeals strategy to maximize your free aid.

To learn more about the financial aid appeals process check out our newest blog and vlog posts here.

And to use this amazing new feature from College Aid Pro, upload your financial aid award letters here!

We can’t wait to analyze your awards and see if you can get more money for college!