2023 College Winter Bootcamp

College Aid Pro – February, 2023

Thank you to all those who registered for  the 2023 College Winter Bootcamp. This was one of our most successful events and we could not have done it without you! Any questions please reach out to [email protected]

The CAP Team

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Financial Aid

Wake Me When It’s Over


Wake Me When It’s Over

Fin Aid + Admissions

Session 1: How Financial Aid & Scholarships Work

  • What is your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • How you get discounts if you are not eligible for financial aid
  • What specific colleges will actually cost your family
  • What you need to know about the FAFSA & CSS Profile now
  • And much more….

Session 2: Standardized Testing & AP Tests in College Admissions

  • Standardized Tests  – ACT/SAT
    • What are they? 
    • Do they still matter?  
  • Test Optional
    • What does this really mean?
  • How the PSAT fits into the college process
  • ACT/SAT going digital
  • AP courses and how they impact admissions

Session 3: Top 6 Private Scholarship Tips

  • What are Private Scholarships?
  • Which Private Scholarships are legit?
  • Best Practices and strategies to secure the most scholarships

Session 4:

Topic: Building Your College List…Where Do You Begin?

  • How to approach the college admissions process
  • Building a balanced list of colleges for both admissions and affordability
  • How colleges review admissions applications

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