Standardized Testing & APs In College Admissions

 Session 2 – February 22, 2023

Thanks to those who were able to attend Session 2: Standardized Testing & APs In College Admissions.  As promised, below you will find the webinar recording, slide deck, and offerings. 

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Slide Deck



Tremendous engagement, questions, and material during Session 2. Special thanks to The Princeton Review for their great presentation! 

Here are the big topics we covered:

  • Standardized Tests  – ACT/SAT
    • What are they? 
    • Do they still matter? 
    • How do they affect admissions and scholarships
  • Test Optional
    • What does this really mean?
    • Should student’s submit test scores?
    • Should student’s still take the SAT/ACT?
  • How the PSAT fits into the college process
  • ACT/SAT going digital
    • Upcoming test changes
  • AP courses and how they impact admissions
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