Advisor Roundtable

July 5, 2023

Webinar Recording

Jonathan West joined Peg for roundtable this month. We talked about all the news in the college planning space since we last met. You can find the links to all the articles in the Helpful Links section below.

For your clients who have seniors that just graduated, NOW is the time to talk about how you are going to pay the bill. If borrowing is part of the strategy, families should be applying for loans and deciding which loan option is best for them.

For families with rising juniors and seniors, the focus is building a college list with affordability in mind. We covered questions about parent plus loans, private loans, and more!

Helpful Links:
  • Affirmative Action Overturned: Click HERE
  • Loan Forgiveness Supreme Court: Click HERE
  • Money’s New College Rating System: Click HERE
  • Columbia pulls out of Undergrad US News Ranking: Click HERE
  • Duke University change in Financial Aid Policy: Click HERE
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