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CAP's Office Hours w/ Peg Keough

College Aid Pro – October 17, 2022

College Aid Pro Office Hours is a free, live event for parents, students, teachers, financial advisors, and anyone looking for answers to the questions keeping them up at night in regards to college financial planning. Each week, a CAP college planning expert will host the event and get through as many questions as possible! We are happy you are taking the proactive approach to learning about the best ways to shop for college, because knowledge is power in the process of applying to college.

In this Office Hours event, Peg Keough, one of our college planning experts, answers questions regarding these pressing topics:

  • FAFSA verification process
  • How to handle a small business
  • Submitting the FAFSA when applying to lots of colleges
  • How to report on financial aid forms when a student is a beneficiary of a trust
  • How to value your primary home
  • What to include in the net worth of investments question
  • FSA ID questions

Our Office Hours sessions are bi-weekly on Mondays @7pm EST. If you are not already signed up or wish to share this with others, the registration link is provided in the link below.

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