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CAP's Office Hours w/ Peg Keough

College Aid Pro – September 19, 2022

Great office hours with lots of questions! Peg had Shellee Howard (CEO of College Ready) as our guest so parents could ask more in-depth admissions questions. We hit on:

  • How 529s and UTMAs are looked at in the EFC calculation

  • How your primary home and any other real estate can affect your financial aid eligibility

  • How to submit the FAFSA if you are divorced or separated

  • The ways to apply for admission and how that can affect your chances for admission and financial aid

  • Shellee shared some of her philosophies around building a college list

  • And much more

Our next Office Hours session is scheduled for Monday, October 3rd, at 7 PM EST. If not already signed up, or would share this with others, registration link is provided in the link below as well. 

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