College Aid Pro's Office Hours

 February 20, 2023


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In this Office Hours session, Dan Bisig & Chuck Bates, answers questions regarding these pressing topics:

  • Who should we talk to when appealing merit and need based aid? 
    – Someone in Admissions for merit and a representative in Financial Aid Office for need based aid.
  • What documentation should we be ready to provide?
    – Anything that proves that a change has occurred to your income or assets, etc.
  • When should we have these conversations (especially if students are still waiting to hear back from selective colleges)?
    – Now and in the future after the final offers come out.
  • Where can we go to get additional help?
    – Schedule a 1-hour meeting with one of our CAP Experts by clicking on the button on the top of the MyCAP software.
  • How are we supposed to cover a big funding gap from our students top college?
    – Students need to have backup colleges and families a solid integrated college funding plan and avoid or limit debt when possible.
  • Why would a college ask for us to submit our tax returns?
    – Verification is required due to a family either manually entering in tax details onto the FAFSA or a college needing more income details to compete their Financial Aid Offer.

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