“Have you started looking at colleges yet?” I remember asking my daughter this question 3 years ago when she was a junior in high school.  She stared back at me with a pained expression and replied, “I have no idea where to start, or how to do it.” And neither did I.  I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available and intimidated by the articles suggesting we were already behind. This is not how I did it back in the 90’s. If you can relate to any of this, let me introduce you to College Aid Pro. An online platform created for families to find colleges that align with what you can afford, AND what your child is looking for. We combine our proprietary software and technology with industry experts who help demystify the college process for you. We believe the right tools and the right knowledge make everything easier. When it comes to shopping for college, we’ve got both.

We tailored our software to meet you where you are in the college process. We help determine how much you can afford to spend, combined with your wants and needs in a college, and give you the best options. We’ve got real live people here to help too. When you join our community you’ve got access to our message boards and discussions, webinars, office hours, and opportunities to chat one on one with professionals who guide you through your individual situation.

The College Aid Pro software stays on top of school’s admission and financial aid requirements.  It allows families to estimate actual college costs, project scholarship awards, and analyze financial aid eligibility. We know the importance of staying current with our data, so our team collects and validates information to keep our platform up-to-date. Current data means more accuracy and confidence for you.  Our recent data update provides even more relevant and reliable information for your college search. 


When it comes to the admissions side of the equation, our platform allows you to compare average GPAs and test scores from admitted student statistics. If you are curious about admission rates, we’ve got that data as well. Find out how to apply, if you have to submit test scores, and how many undergraduates are enrolled at all the schools you are interested in. 

Admissions Statistic Updates:

  • GPA
  • SAT math and verbal range
  • Common App
  • Test optional
  • Enrollment
  • % of students admitted last year

Financial Aid and Scholarships

On the financial aid side, we walk you through all the need and merit opportunities available to you. We share the current advertised cost of attendance and how your expected family contribution, or EFC, is determined, for each school.  If you qualify for need-based aid, our software determines grant amounts for the schools on your list.  For merit aid, you can find out what schools offer scholarships, and estimate personal award amounts with our proprietary merit scholarship database. You can also find updated statistics on the percentage of need met, and the percentage of students receiving merit, or non-need money, from the schools. We want you to have all the information you need and maximize confidence about your college investment while minimizing the money you spend and borrow.

Financial Aid Statistic Updates:

  • Cost of attendance
  • EFC methodology used
  • % of need met
  • % receiving merit scholarships
  • Average merit scholarship (non-need) amount

College Aid Pro offers one stop shopping for college. We do the research, analyze the data, and empower our families to find an affordable higher education. There is a lot that goes into a final college decision. We partner with you and combine our knowledge, experience, and database with your questions, wants, and needs, to help you make informed and educated decisions about college options. Sending your kids to college is overwhelming, but we’ve got the tools and knowledge to make it easier, and maybe even a little fun. Our end goal is the same as yours, to see your kids happy and thriving in the college of THEIR choice for the least amount of money!