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June 22, 2023

3 Steps to Execute the FDSL

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1. Entrance Counselor

Wake Me When it's Over

For Those That DON’T Want to DIY


The 3 Steps to Execute

1.  Complete Entrance Counseling:

  • Go to: Studentaid.gov
  • Click “Login”
  • Enter student’s FSA ID username/password
  • Hit “Accept”
  • You’ll likely need to confirm contact info at this point
  • Once on the dashboard, hover over “COMPLETE AID PROCESS”  
  • Then select “Complete Entrance Counseling”

2.  Complete Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note, MPN): 

  • After completion of counseling go back to home page/dashboard
  • Hover over “COMPLETE AID PROCESS”  again
  • Select “Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN)”
  • Select MPN for subsidized/unsubsidized loans by hitting “Start”

3.  Complete Your Annual Loan Acknowledge (NEW)

  • After completion of MPN go back to home page/dashboard again 
  • Hover over “COMPLETE AID PROCESS”  again
  • Select “Complete Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement” 

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