Advisor Roundtable

April 26, 2023

Webinar Recording

Per usual, Dan Bisig had lots of great questions! Here are the highlights of the discussion:

  • The following FAFSA Simplification Act changes are already reflected in the AWS/CAP software:
    • Elimination of Multi-Student Discount which can be seen in the “All Four Years” Report
    • Child Support treated as an asset instead of income
    • 401k & 403b pre-tax contributions and other untaxed income no longer added back to income
  • Translate a Financial Aid Offer as well as Business Value Inclusion – coming in the future
  • Live walk-through in AWS/CAP on how advisors can create a new “What If” scenario
  • Appeals season is winding down but students can still appeal and wait for answers
  • Answered questions about the elimination of the Multi-Student Discount on the FAFSA versus the CSS Profile
  • How Divorce is going to be handled on the FAFSA and CSS Profile moving forward
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  • A must-read article shared on CAP’s Advisor Slack Community regarding the Education Department FSA Office and lack of funding: Read HERE
  • Two articles on the FAFSA Simplification Act: View HERE & HERE


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