Private Scholarships


What we should know...

  • Private scholarships account for ~ 3% of all financial aid awarded annually. Let’s not spend more than 3% of our time, energy, and resources going after such a small piece of the pie.
  • Those that spend countless hours applying to dozens of private scholarships are lucky to be rewarded with 1-time awards of $3,000-$5,000. These should be your expectations.
  • Target unique features to the student and family: Major, ethnicity, religion, heritage, parent occupation hobbies, etc.
  • Most awards are not renewable; they are for freshman year only.
  • You will be sharing your email and some personal information with some agencies that “subtlety” request permission to share/sell this to others.

Local Scholarships

  • Local scholarships are THE most reliable private scholarship opportunity
  • ~75% of students that apply for local scholarships are awarded something
  • Guidance departments usually release local scholarships in mid-January
  • Apply for every scholarship
  • They are not all need-based

College Aid Pro

*Your own $5.1 Billion private scholarship search engine* 


  • The technology shown during your 1st meeting with us (your CAP account) provides access to your own $5.1 Billion private scholarship search engine that WON’T spam you.

  • This allows you to search nationally for all scholarships and filter by criteria that applies to you. For example: religion, major etc. 
  • If you don’t have access to your CAP account, please reach out to your CAP Representative

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