College Aid Pro is designed to help you pay less for college.

The average student borrows $37,584 to finance their college education and spends 21 years repaying that debt.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Did you know?

Most colleges discount their tuition.

Don't pay full price or accept your first offer.

Some schools may offer you a 100% scholarship.

Some high ranking colleges that you may never have considered are looking for students like you

The typical College Aid Pro family saves at least 30% of the “full price” of a college education.

Between grants, scholarships, and a simplified way to expand your search and compare colleges, you can pay less for college with CAP.

College Aid Pro is easy to use – simply build your list of colleges, and we’ll show you the costs and how you can save. College Aid Pro can help you find schools that match your criteria for cost, location, major, and expected post-graduate earnings.

Using this tool, you’ll see schools you should consider – or not consider. You’ll find the best values, and you may be able to graduate with little or no debt!

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“CAP definitely saved us money (and a lot of it!), but it did something even better — it saved us from having to go through the college process alone. These tools gave us confidence every step of the way.”
B. Krantz
Los Angeles, CA
“Honestly, I had no idea how many GREAT schools there were outside the usual “name brand” colleges. Thanks to CAP, my daughter is chasing her future at an amazing program (and at a price we could have only dreamed of paying).”
J. Fishkind
Demarest, NJ
“We can’t recommend CAP enough! Seriously. It took all the guesswork out of college planning and helped us look at what actually matters. Don’t go to college without CAP!”
J. Vitale
Boston, MA
“CAP has so much to offer, but my absolute favorite feature is how it instantly answers the one question that stressed me and my husband out the most: “What does each school ACTUALLY cost?” CAP gives you the facts -- and puts parents back in the driver’s seat of college planning.
J. Lola
Brooklyn, NY