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CAP Report Card

Merit Scholarship Transparency Rankings

Our core belief at CAP is that students and families can make smart, fiscally sound college selection decisions if they are appropriately educated and armed with the relevant information they need. Regretfully, college consumers are far from being provided with simple and straightforward cost- benefit propositions. Instead, they are forced to fight through an unnecessary maze of confusing paperwork, urgent deadlines, and opaque fee structures, which too often leads to irresponsible borrowing and regrettable outcomes.

To better balance the scales for families of college-bound students, we created College Aid Pro to fill this critical knowledge gap. Our platform is built on the fundamental pillars of 1) comprehensive process education, 2) customized data-driven insights, and 3) tailored and timely guidance. While our platform and team provide a meaningful competitive advantage to our users, consumers of higher education will always be at a material disadvantage as long as colleges and universities play games with tuition amounts and hide financial aid methodologies in a black box. It is with this goal of increasing transparency and clarity that we are publishing this first edition of our Merit Scholarship Transparency Report Card.

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