How CAP Can Help Your Family

June 27, 2023

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As we always say, you are NOT alone in this journey. We are here to support you through this college maze. Come get to know our team, what exactly we do here at CAP, and how we help college-bound families find their affordable path to college. Also learn how to handle the crazy changes with FAFSA and college admissions that are on the forefront.

Join us on 6/27/23 @7PM ET to:

  1. Meet the CAP team!  Who are these wizards behind the curtain?
  2. What does College Aid pro actually do? 
  3. What are these FAFSA changes we keep hearing about?  What can my family do to avoid paying more for college?
  4. To early decision or not to early decision?
  5. To test optional or not to test optional?
  6. Will applying for financial aid hurt our chances of acceptance?
  7. What if we make too much money to qualify for aid.  Should we still apply?
  8. Why are we going up in price on 7/1?
  9. Live Q & A

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