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Have a high schooler interested in college? Wondering how much it’s going to cost and what you can really afford? You’re not alone! Paying for college is a major concern for more than 70% of families these days.

In our workshop, How Financial Aid & Scholarships Work you’ll learn how your kids can go to college without breaking the bank and taking on mountains of debt – it is possible!

Join our experts Peg and Matt who have worked with thousands of families just like you, and discover the best way to shop and pay for college.


Matt Carpenter

Matt Carpenter

Host, Co-Founder at College Aid Pro

Peg Keough

Peg Keough

Host, Director of Education at College Aid Pro

During this workshop you’ll learn:

  • What is financial aid and am I eligible?

    We’ll explain the different types of financial aid, how you get them, and if you have to pay them back.

  • How can my student get scholarships?

    Learn the best places to find scholarships, who will give your student the most money, and how to explore and pursue scholarships that your student is actually eligible for. 

  • I don’t think our family qualifies for financial aid, can we still get “discounts” on college?

    YES! We’ll teach you our strategies to find colleges and merit scholarships for your student. 

  • How to ‘negotiate’ (appeal) with colleges to get more money?

    There is a method to this madness and we’ll walk you through best practices 

  • I’m divorced/separated – how do we navigate college financial aid?

    We’ll offer guidance for you too. You’ve got a unique situation that requires special considerations to maximize financial aid so don’t miss out.

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