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Discover who benefits from the high cost of college and whether this bubble is poised to burst. Explore actionable insights on what consumers can control and how colleges wield influence over them. Uncover strategies to access significant discounts for college expenses, regardless of income or academic performance. Join us for our upcoming free webinar on Wednesday June 12th @ 7PM ET for Class of 2025, 26, 27, 28 families: Why Is College So Expensive? And What You Can Do To Make It Affordable.
All registrants will receive the recording so if you can’t make it live, we have you covered!
You’ll learn:
  1. Who benefits from college being expensive?
  2. Is it likely this bubble will burst?  When?
  3. What is within our control as consumers to make college affordable?
  4. What is the “superpower” colleges and their allies have over consumers?
  5. Learn how and where every family can receive meaningful discounts regardless of income or grades.

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