Webinar Details:

 Join our upcoming free webinar, “Diplomas Without Debt,” where we’ll explore who benefits from the soaring college expenses. We will also unpack strategies families can leverage to limit and even eliminate the need for student loans. Discover actionable insights on accessing discounts regardless of income or grades, and learn how colleges influence consumers. We’ll show you how to find affordable colleges that are also a good fit for your student and leverage resources to locate institutions offering generous financial aid/scholarships. Walk away with a personalized plan to pursue higher education without excessive debt. We’ll discuss:

  1. Why is college so expensive?
  2. What you can do to make it affordable.
  3. How do you get discounts even if you won’t qualify for
    financial aid?
  4. How can you limit or eliminate the need for student loans.
  5. How to know if you will get financial aid or merit scholarships….and how much.
  6. What colleges will give my family the most money with the least amount of debt
  7. Applying to competing schools.
  8. Business & homeowner dos & don’ts.
  9. What divorced/separated families should know.

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