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Are You A Parent Who...

  • Has a high schooler thinking about college?
  • Isn’t sure where to start looking or planning for college?
  • Worries about how to pay for college?
  • Wants to know how to maximize financial aid and scholarships?

THIS course is for you!

Don’t navigate the college planning process alone. Our 5-day bootcamp gives you access to the country’s leading minds in admissions strategies and financial aid. Get the competitive edge from those in the know.

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Masterclass for Admissions,Financial Aid, & Scholarships

What is it?

A LIVE 5-day crash course covering the critical steps in  applying to and paying for college. Each session includes a 60-minute webinar led by industry experts with live Q&A.

Who should attend?

Parents of college-bound students graduating in 2025, 2026, or 2027 who want to master the college admission, financial aid, and scholarship process. 

When is it happening?

February 19th – February 23rd @12pm-1pm ET 

What We'll Cover:

February 19th

Session 1

Session 1: How to Find the Right College at the Right Price

We will cover:

  • How to build a balanced college list 
  • Finding schools that match your financial, academic & emotional needs
  • Choosing the best high school courses to maximize success
  • The ins and outs of demonstrated interest

February 20th

Session 2: The SAT & ACT Breakdown: Expert Tips & Test Optional Guidance

We will cover:

  • Is the SAT or ACT “better?
  • How colleges view standardized tests
  • What if my student isn’t a “good test taker?”
  • Do test scores impact scholarships?
  • Everything you need to know about the digital SAT

February 21st

Session 3: Ace Your College Application & Personal Essay

We will cover:

  • When & Where to start
  • What do colleges really want to see on an application
  • The importance of the essay (especially now)
  • Common mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  • Top 5 Tips for your Common App

February 22nd

Session 4: Cutting College Costs with Financial Aid & Scholarships

We will cover:

  • What you can do NOW 
  • The FAFSA & the CSS Profile
  • How to get discounts when you aren’t eligible for financial aid
  • Why you should submit the FAFSA (even if you don’t think you qualify for assistance)
  • Where to find scholarships even if you aren’t an “All A” student

February 23rd

Session 5: The ReCAP: Expert Wrap-Up Panel & Scholarship Drawing

We will cover:

  • Short reCAP of the previous sessions
  • Live Q&A with our industry experts
  • $1,000 “No Essay” Scholarship Drawing

What You'll Get :

College Success Bootcamp

  • Entry into all 5 live bootcamp sessions
  • Follow up recording of each session 
MyCAP software on computer

1 Year Premium MyCAP Subscription

  •  Personalized net price estimates for each college
  • Accurate Student Aid Index calculation
  • College Affordability Analysis
  • Projected Merit Scholarships & Need-Based Grants
  • Translate & Compare Financial Aid Awards
  • Instant Overview of Affordability
  • Dynamic Merit & Need-Based Aid Insights

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Years of Experience

  • Insider knowledge to maximize admissions, affordability, & peace of mind
  • Strategies that could save thousands in college costs 


College Success Bootcamp
Feb 19-23, 2024


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Full Access to CAP's College Success Bootcamp (Feb 19th-25th)

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Entry into $1,000 'No Essay' Scholarship Drawing

Session 1: How to Find the Right College at the Right Price (Feb 19 @12PM ET/9AM PT)

Session 2: The SAT & ACT Breakdown: Expert Tips & Test Optional Guidance (Feb 20 @12PM ET/9AM PT)

Session 3: Ace Your College Application & Personal Essay (Feb 21 @12PM ET/9AM PT)

Session 4: Cutting College Costs with Financial Aid & Scholarships (Feb 22 @12PM ET/9AM PT)

Session 5: The ReCAP: Expert Wrap-Up Panel (Feb 23 @12PM ET/9AM PT)

Member Reviews

Your Presenters

Matt Carpenter

Co-Founder, College Aid Pro

peg keough

Peg Keough

Director of Education, College Aid Pro

Brian Ford

Admissions Application Reader, Boston University & Univ. of California

Rob Franek

Editor-in-Chief, The Princeton Review

Dan Bisig

College Planning Expert, College Aid Pro

J.P. Schmidt

Former Director of Financial Aid, University of Southern California (USC)

Ryan Callahan

Financial Aid Director, Harvard Medical School

Josh Demaio

Financial Aid Director, MIT

Mike Hinderman

Director of the Scholarship Office, University of Oklahoma

Mike Hunsberger

College Planning Expert, College Aid Pro

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