Admissions & Scholarships Action Plan For High School Families

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The college admissions process waits for no one!

Don’t let critical prep time slip away. This webinar will outline an action plan to tackle college planning head-on, starting RIGHT NOW. Whether your just getting starting with your college planning or already forging your way forward, join us for some expert advice on maximizing the admissions and scholarship process. 

Join Matt Carpenter, Peg Keough, and Melissa Mieyr, CAP College Planning Experts, as they walk you through what you need to know to get on track and stay on track for admissions success.

You’ll learn:
1. Where you should be in the college planning process based on your student’s current grade level
2. Strategies to get up to speed if you’re running behind
3. Top priorities over the next few months
4. How to think about your financial plan for college BEFORE you even begin looking at schools



Picture of Matt Carpenter

Matt Carpenter

College Aid Pro

Picture of Peg Keough

Peg Keough

Director of Education
College Aid Pro

Picture of Melissa Mieyr

Melissa Mieyr

College Planning Expert
College Aid Pro

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