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VIDEO: What should students do if they couldn’t take the ACT or SAT?

We are in these wild times right now. We keep coaching up our class of 2021 and 2022 and 2023 clients to say, “hey, it’s business as usual.” But the fact of the matter is, it’s not in every sense, right? For a lot of our client’s, they may not have had the opportunity to take the SAT or the ACT. How do their students distinguish themselves? Even now that standardized tests are becoming more and more optional; what if your client’s student wanted to take these tests because they were going to test pretty well? They had the confidence and the practice scores to show that?

Demonstrated Interest

One of the best ways we can do this is by demonstrating what the college calls demonstrated interest. Are your client’s student genuinely considering going to a particular college? If they know that their student loves a certain school or schools, they’ll want to engage with them. So what are some of the ways that they can do this, especially if we can’t go visit those schools? We can’t go to a campus and register for an on campus tour. They can do a virtual tour certainly, which we should do, but they’ll want to be engaged via social media. Believe it or not these colleges actually keep a social media score. Your client’s student have a social media score attached to them. Are the students liking and sharing posts by the colleges? Are they commenting? Are they asking questions? The schools are actually grading each student to see how much they have demonstrated interest.

Form Relationships

Another great way that your client’s student can go above and beyond is by contacting the college or colleges of interest. Figuring out who the admissions counselor is. The colleges usually list them by last name or geographic region. Then try and strike up a relationship with them. Maybe arranging a zoom call or phone call, or at least engaging via email asking some really important questions. Talking about or asking the direct questions, such as “what can I do to separate myself from the competition?”

Control the Controllable

We have to treat the Class of 2021 like it’s business as usual, because God willing, it’s going to be. In a year or so from now and student’s will actually be moving into to dorms. In the meantime, client’s have got to control the controllable. If they can’t get on campus, their student’s can’t take the tests; here’s some of the ways that we can stand out. What you want to encourage your clients and their students to do is just that, control the controllable. As families and as advisors, I want you to share this with your clients to make sure that you’re giving them every possible tip so they can end up at the schools they want to end up at.

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