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The Best Online Marketing Tools Every Advisor Needs

As a business owner, perfecting your craft is only half of the battle. In order to truly see results from the work that you put in, you need to provide your business with proper visibility and create mediums to connect with your current and future clients. 

How can you accomplish this goal? The first step is to create a strong marketing plan. 

For financial advisors, marketing may not be the first thing on your mind, but when done right it is something that can help you build your brand while also establish and nurture client relationships. 

Your marketing plays an important role in the growth and scalability of your business and gives you a channel to demonstrate the value you bring to the industry. So how can you build a marketing plan that will attract and acquire the right clients?

Today, you are going to find out.

Create captivating content

Clients are looking for more than credentials and experience when selecting a financial advisor. They want someone they can connect with, someone they trust, someone who they believe will put their needs first. 

One way to demonstrate who you are as a business and how you serve your clients is through content. Clients want an advisor who understands what they are going through and can provide a clear path forward. You can illustrate that in the content that you create. Below are some content avenues to consider.

  • Website copy (home page, about the firm, services, testimonials, etc.)
  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Webinar
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter + email 
  • Whitepaper/ebook

This is a pretty long list, so don’t think you have to tackle each one right away. Start with one or two that you are most interested in. Maybe you love speaking in front of people, so a video series or a webinar could be a great fit for you. Or perhaps you fancy yourself more of a wordsmith and want to try your hand at keeping up a blog. 

No matter the route you choose, all of these mediums give you an opportunity to connect with your clients in a deeper way. You can use a blog post to talk more about your financial planning philosophy or post a short video on how your clients’ will be impacted by the SECURE Act. 

Content is a way for you to educate, attract, and inspire your audience to think about a topic in a new way. 

Once you decide on the type of content you want to produce, then create a workable schedule to keep your content fresh, because if there is one thing you need to know about content creation it is that consistency is key. 

Start with a comfortable pace which for you might mean 1 blog post per month, a quarterly newsletter, or a weekly video. Figure out what schedule makes the most sense for you and will add the most value to your clients.

Build-up your online presence

Advisors in this day and age need to be comfortable operating and managing virtually. So much of your brand is built online, through the blogs people read to the emails you send to the videos you make and podcasts you record. 

Your online presence is crucial to attracting and delighting new customers as well. Your first interaction with a client will most likely be them looking your firm up online and doing some research before deciding whether or not they want to book a call or schedule an appointment with you. 

Your online presence is the first place where your clients will get to know you and how they will continue to interact with you and your brand, making it such an important piece of your business plan. 

You don’t have to do all of these things at once, just start with one. Give yourself the goal to do one thing that will improve your online presence. Doing one of these things well and with consistently is better than trying several of them once.

There are nearly 4 billion users on social media with people spending an average of 2.5 hours on those channels per day. This is a huge opportunity for advisors to connect with clients, other advisors, and the financial community at large which could present a number of strategic opportunities like

  • Increased client engagement
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Article solicitations
  • Professional development

Taking the time to invest in your online presence won’t be a waste. It is a way to build up your brand and increase your engagement with both current and prospective clients.

Nurture leads to gain traction

When you’re fishing and you get a bite, you don’t stop there. You reel the catch in, slow and steady so as not to let it slip away. Nurturing leads in your marketing funnel works in a similar way.

Once you create exceptional content and develop strong online relationships, you then need your audience to remain engaged in your future endeavors. The best place to start is by growing your email list. You can grow your list by offering free downloads, lead magnets, checklists, webinars, or other valuable content.

Now that you have gotten people to subscribe, you need to nurture those leads so that they don’t unsubscribe from your list. The best way to retain your list is by providing valuable, actional, and relevant content, consistently.

Engage with the CAP community

Marketing is never easy and it certainly is even harder when you are trying to do it alone. Here at CAP, you are able to connect with a community of advisors who can offer help, guidance, and perspective on your questions. 

We also have tools for advisors to set up their marketing funnels and best practices for generating and nurturing leads. 
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