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“Blown away by the wealth of information I learned…”


This testimonial from Angie Furubotten-LaRosee, CFP® in Kennewick, WA shows you how impactful the College Pre-Approval™ process can be…for families & financial advisors…


“I signed up for Mastering the College Pre-Approval™ Process offered by Joe Messinger at Capstone College Partners for two reasons. Our oldest son is a sophomore in high school and even though we’ve been saving for college, I knew very little about paying for or choosing the right college for our family budget. I knew I would benefit personally. And, as a CFP® pro, I felt it was an important skill set to develop.

After each class, I’d literally be blown away by the wealth of information I learned and quickly realized what tremendous value this planning could bring to a family, like mine, with a college-bound student. I really had no idea, and I’m a financial planner!

I felt like my eyes were opened not only to the problem of college funding, but more importantly, to the solutions.

Joe’s program is detailed, highly organized and he hits on key concepts multiple times so that they sink in. He shares resources, tools, real-life tips and case studies from his years of working with families.

My thinking is this…

If I can help families make smarter choices when picking and paying for college, one of life’s most expensive purchases, show them to the penny how much it will cost, all while showing them ways to save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, what planner wouldn’t want to know how to do that?

I’m so compelled by this new knowledge, that I am considering adding this to my service model. I feel fortunate to have come across this program at this critical time for my family and at this point in my career. I highly recommend this program.”


Angie Furubotten-LaRosee, CFP®
Inspiring People to Reach Their Dream of a Richer Life
Kennewick WA

“I learned there is a better way — think in terms of how we make decisions in buying a house.”

This testimonial from Scott W. Snider, CRPC®, CFP® in Jacksonville, FL shows you how the College Pre-Approval™ process shifts the thinking & changes the paradigm on college planning for financial advisors…

I feel very fortunate to be an early adopter of Joe’s program, Mastering the College Pre-Approval Process. Especially as a financial planner that, until recently, primarily focused on helping Gen X and Gen Y clients get out from under the crushing weight of their student debt.

After taking his class I learned there is a better way — think in terms of how we make decisions in buying a house. I soon discovered there are a number of effective strategies that will help my clients put their kids in a better position to pay for college and not have to face the same kind of student debt burden.

Joe’s expertise and understanding of the ins-and-outs of college planning are quite frankly second to none.

For any planner interested in helping end our country’s student loan crisis, I highly recommend taking Joe’s course.


Scott W. Snider, CRPC®, CFP®

Mellen Money Management, LLC
Office – (904) 580-4698

“Joe knows…how to market College Planning”

This testimonial from Charlie Shipman in Weston, CT shows you how the College Pre-Approval™ process helps advisors gain a competitive advantage & truly differentiate themselves in today’s overcrowded planning industry….

Joe’s extensive knowledge in the area of marketing college planning and his easy-going presentation skills make this a solid 5-star course. In addition, he provides great college planning tools, materials, and resources to help other advisors gain the competitive advantage of truly differentiating themselves in today’s overcrowded advisory/planning industry.

After taking his introductory college planning course through the XY Planning Network, the leading organization of fee-only financial advisors who specialize in helping members of Gen X and Gen Y, I have an even greater understanding of how the college financial aid process works and what data are crucial to clients.

Joe and Dave at Capstone College Partners were also very helpful and always provided timely responses to questions and emails. Thanks!


Charlie Shipman Managing Principal

Blue Keel Financial Planning | (917) 355-2196

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