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PRESS RELEASE: College Aid Pro™ Co-Founder, Matt Carpenter, Starts Petition to Help American Families Afford College by Opposing 2022 FAFSA Change


Dublin, OH — College Aid Pro™ Co-Founder, Matt Carpenter, Starts Petition to Help American Families Afford College by Opposing 2022 FAFSA Change

College Aid Pro™ Co-Founder, Matt Carpenter, has launched a petition through to oppose 2022 FAFSA Changes. 

Carpenter is petitioning the US Department of Education, among others, to adjust recent FAFSA changes that remove any discount currently offered to families with more than one child in college. 

The biggest financial concern for millions of American families is paying for college. One of the new FAFSA rules will exacerbate this problem for any families that will have multiple children in college at the same time. Currently, families receive a discount if they have multiple children in college at once. The new FAFSA rules will eliminate this discount and will effectively double the amount families with multiple children will be expected to pay for college. 

Most families already struggle with affording college; this new rule will be a crushing blow for the millions of families that will be negatively impacted each year.

“The good news is that the solution is simple! We just need the Dept. of Education to keep the current rule for siblings in place, and not make this change that is currently scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2022,” says Carpenter.

Even with the current FAFSA rules, affording college is still the biggest financial concern and challenge for most families. This new rule will make affording college for families that have multiple children almost impossible. 

College Aid Pro™ is creating a movement of elite financial professionals to act as advocates for parents of college-bound students while providing these advisors with the tools and resources to lead their clients to better college outcomes in an efficient and scalable way. Carpenter believes that advocating for families is one way that advisors can stand up for their clients and continue to make an impact in their lives.

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College Aid Pro™ is changing the way America shops for college. The College Aid Pro™ software application is a state-of-the-art college funding tool for financial professionals. This all-in-one tool allows your clients to self-onboard, and have you guide them through an apples-to-apples comparison of thousands of colleges and universities across the country. Cost analysis and planning tools, along with white-labeled reports and client-facing solutions, are available with the click of a button.

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