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Introducing CAP 2.0

We’re changing the way America shops for college – and we’re so excited to announce the new update to our College Aid Pro™ tool. CAP 2.0 is back and better than ever! In today’s post, we wanted to run through a handful of the new and improved features available to College Aid Pro™ subscribers – and give a sneak preview of what’s to come!

About College Aid Pro™

Just in case you’re new here, or this is the first time you’ve read about our tool, let’s go over what we’re all about. College Aid Pro™ (CAP) is the comprehensive college funding solution for financial planners. An all-in-one software, CAP provides the step-by-step process needed to address the #1 concern of Gen-X parents and guide them to better financial outcomes.

More than just a software, CAP is also supported by a growing community of college funding experts and financial advisors sharing best practices and technical planning knowledge. The way we shop for college in this country is backward. That’s why we’re growing a movement of empowered advisors who can nail college planning for Gen-X parents.

We built CAP with the number one goal of changing the way America shops for college. We want to empower advisors to expand their practices, hone their expertise in the college funding space, and reduce their clients’ biggest stressor.

Let’s check out a few of the tool’s top features:

Streamlined Processes

Don’t waste another minute running reports comparing different colleges for your college-bound clients. College Aid Pro™’s streamlined processes are battle-tested, and fast, to give your clients the best experience possible when planning their college funding strategy.

User-Friendly Experience

With self-onboarding and user-friendly application experience, you can rest assured that the College Aid Pro™ software will be easy for clients to use, and a high value-add to your practice.

Net-Cost Comparison of 2,400+ Schools

Our apples-to-apples comparison allows you to contrast different school options across the country, calculate EFCs, and smart-search for the best-fit schools for your clients and their college-bound kids.

White-Labeled Experience and Reports

From scenario modeling to dynamic reports reflecting the full four years of the college experience, you’ll be able to provide a seamless client experience.

Want to know what else you’re getting? Don’t miss all of CAP’s new features.

About the College Aid Pro™ Community:

Unlike most software companies, we don’t provide you with an awesome tool. Our engaged community of users benefits from bi-weekly round table webinar with the founders, ongoing support from our team, and active user forums where you can ask questions and connect with like-minded advisors. This brain trust is a national network of advisors who are all passionate about being part of the student loan solution and want to help one another grow.

Sneak Peek: What’s Coming for the CAP Community

Want more? Don’t miss what’s in the works for our next update! We’re working on:

  • Client facing portal and dashboard

  • Smart discoveryOn-demand summaries and reports

  • Secure vault

  • Task tool for both you and your clients to stay organized

  • Customizable and timely alerts

Want a Full Tour of CAP?

You don’t want to miss our CAP 2.0 Pre-Recorded Webinar. Click here to view the full recording.

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Changing the Way America Shops for College

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