Calamos Investments & College Aid Pro™ Present: The Future of Financial Aid


The FAFSA Simplification Act will make sweeping changes to an already confusing and complex financial aid process. With great change comes great opportunity. Join us to learn what challenges the new law of the land creates for families and more importantly the planning opportunities that advisors need to know to help their clients get the most financial aid and cut the cost of college.

IECA 2022 Spring Conference

In Person

Come by College Aid Pro's™ booth at the IECA 2022 Spring Conference in Philadelphia, PA, May 16-18, 2022 to learn more about the Future of Financial Aid!

Cambria Investment Management & College Aid Pro Present: Navigating the College Funding Maze & Helping Families Cut the Cost of Higher Education


College costs continue to rise and the four-year sticker price of college now exceeds $300,000 at some of our most prestigious institutions. As a result, our outstanding student loan debt exceeds $1.6 trillion. Part of the problem is that most advisors are never trained on financial aid. It’s time to raise the bar in college funding advice. Join us to learn how you can better guide families through the college funding maze and make more informed buying decisions.

College Planning Made Easy Impact Session Hosted by FPA


The four-year sticker price of college now exceeds $300,000 at some of our most prestigious institutions. As a result, we now have over 44 million student loan borrowers in America and our outstanding education debt now exceeds $1.7 trillion. With these concerns in mind, college bound families are actively seeking out advisors to help them with funding the costs of higher education while staying on track for retirement. However, training on financial aid and late-stage college planning has long been overlooked by most advisor education programs.

How to Pay the College Bill


Congratulations! Your client's kiddo has been accepted to their dream school and maybe even received a great scholarship. Now it is time to help them distribute their 529 savings plan wisely and make sure the college dream doesn't become a college nightmare.

FPA NorCal Conference 2022

In Person

Come join Joe Messinger, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CCFC, Co-Founder & Director of Advisor Solutions of College Aid Pro™ at FPA NorCal Conference (May 31 - June 1, 2022) as he discusses Late-Stage College Planning Demystified: An Advisor's Perspective.

To Be the Expert or Outsource College Planning?


Join us to learn how advisors are taking action in one of two ways to provide great advice without taking their eyes off of everything else they do that matters:

1. Be the expert and partner with us to make your college planning discussions efficient and impactful.
2. Refer clients to a trusted expert so they can save thousands on the cost, avoid excessive debt, and continue to track toward their retirement goals.

HECA 2022 Conference

In Person

Significant changes are coming to financial aid with the implementation of the FAFSA Simplification Act.

Come learn what families will be facing with these changes and how they should adapt. With this knowledge you can better help students discover the colleges that are not only a good personal and academic fit but are also affordable.

Smart Borrowing Strategies

This year's seniors have committed to colleges and now it's time to pay the bill. While our mission at College Aid Pro™ is to end the student loan crisis, for most families (7 out of 10), smart borrowing is part of how the tuition bill gets paid. Before your client or their child takes on any debt to pay for college, you should advise them about how these loans work, including types of loans, repayment options, interest rates, and more.