1.5 CFP® CE Hours

Dave Bowman, CFP®, CCFC

Beyond the Numbers of College Funding

Financial guidance is seldom about only numbers. This is especially true when clients and whole families are trying to navigate sending their young adults off to college.

Join us to learn about they myths and emotions surrounding this under-discussed investment, and how to have more impactful and meaningful college planning discussions.

Expect to:

  • Explore your own beliefs, biases, and feelings about college funding
  • Learn the little-known foundational principals of today’s college-funding landscape
  • Discuss common college-funding myths and beliefs and their emotional components, as well as how to navigate them with clients
  • Learn questions and approaches to a great college planning discussion with clients that builds trust, reduces stress, and sets the stage for a great college funding plan
  • Understand the critical steps to navigating the emotions of college planning, the timeline of psychological stages, and the technical touchstones to guide parents to be the hero for their kids