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The Power & Potential of Education Planning

There’s always a new national emergency in America. Whether it’s weather-induced, economic, political, or health-related, there’s no shortage of crises in our country.

If you’re like us, you’re probably a bit exhausted by all of the doomsday talk. 

It’s time for some good news. And today, we’re here to provide it. 

There’s finally an efficient, powerful way to decisively address the most underreported crises of all: the student loan pandemic that’s currently drowning 44 million Americans in over $1.6 trillion in debt.  

This solution doesn’t require any new certifications to learn. It doesn’t require an MBA in Educational Planning to master or hundreds of hours in online classes to learn. 

All it takes is a few clicks on your computer, and you’re good to go.

Welcome to College Aid Pro™, the revolutionary software that empowers you to deliver college planning guidance with confidence and ease.

A Streamlined Solution

We don’t indulge in hyperbole often, but when we do, we go all the way.

So here’s how we see it: our software is to education planning what the internet is to information. 

Think about the early 1990s, when there were still things called “books” and “newspapers.” 

If you had a question about a historical event, faced a tax problem, or needed a cooking recipe, you had to physically find the answer in the tangible pages of a book or magazine. 

You needed to conduct the research, locate the right sources, and compile the information all on your own. 

The internet obliterated those old school mechanisms. 

Education planning is hardly different. It’s a highly-demanding endeavor that requires significant swathes of focus and time to do (and to do it right). After all, you’ve made a commitment to your clients that you constantly renew and uphold. 

But when your college-bound clients visit with you (or check in on Zoom, as many of us are doing these days), they throw you a bit of a curveball with a rather long college “shortlist.” 

“We really like school X and Y, but we’re not sure what our out-of-pocket costs will be at
either place. They’re both so expensive. Honestly, I don’t know how we’ll afford it, but we
just want him to be happy.

But if he gets accepted to both of his top schools, which one should we pick? Or, if he
doesn’t get accepted at either school, what do we do then?”

Conversations like this are enough to scare anyone away from the world of education planning. After all, it takes a mind-boggling amount of time to research each school so you can accurately compare them. 

That’s especially true if you’re looking beyond the often dismaying “sticker price” and want to get into crucial areas like net cost analysis, funding gaps, and pre-approval amounts.

Then there’s the financial aid and scholarship factors, like assessing total need met percentages, merit scholarships, and more. 

And that’s only looking at the initial investment. 

What about the return on the investment? To provide the full picture, you’ll likely need to compile information about their student’s expected first year salary, their monthly take home pay, plus the monthly loan payments they can expect to make after graduation. 

Sounds like a real cakewalk, right? 

Our team has been down this road, and we can assure you, there’s no end in sight. 

Manually guiding your clients’ college investment is a truly pre-internet endeavor.

We’re advisors, too, and we know how overwhelming and frankly discouraging that can be. 

After all, why dedicate your precious time to something that prevents you from doing the things that truly excite and motivate you: like reaching new clients, advancing your current clients’ goals, and steadily growing your practice? 

A Better Way Forward

We meant what we said. Our solution is software, and in the words of Leonardo da Vinci (though they’re often attributed to Steve Jobs), “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

With the state-of-the-art College Aid Pro™ software, you get instant access to tools that answer the three most commonly asked questions by college-bound families:

  • “What is the actual cost of attending each school on my list?”
  • “What will our monthly loan payments be?”
  • “What kind of salary will our child earn after graduating?’

Within these questions, our software unlocks the key statistics, numbers, and facts that your clients are looking for (but never knew how to find).

With our Advanced Search tool, you can help your clients find the “perfect fit” school according to their unique criteria. This feature goes beyond the sticker price alone, incorporates relevant financial aid, grants, and scholarships, and provides dollar-specific breakdowns of what your clients will actually pay.

If your clients don’t like what they see, that’s no problem. There are over 6,000 colleges and universities in the United States, and our software tracks them all. 

With our tools, you can find lesser-known (yet very high-caliber) programs according to:

  • Distance: Select schools up to 100, 200, 500 or over 1,000 miles away. If distance isn’t a dealbreaker, you can keep the search as broad as possible. 
  • State: Want to get more specific? Select the individual state you want to focus on.
  • Major: Choose from 40+ majors to help refine your search.
  • Ranking: Want to search by the annual Forbes Ranking? Narrow down the top undergraduate institutions by Top 10, Top 50, Top 100 or a general search within all 650 schools ranked by Forbes. 
  • Funding Gap: Search for schools within $30,000, $50,000, or $100,000 of your predetermined budget. 

And that’s only the beginning. 

With our Outcomes tab, you can help your clients stay future-focused by showing clients what their graduate will earn one, five, and ten years after graduating. 

These figures aren’t high-level assumptions — they’re statistically-proven reports derived by actual alumni reports from each college. 

Guidance For Them (+ Growth For You)

Most advisors assume education planning has no connection to the growth of their practice.

That’s simply a popular misconception. Here’s why:

Despite the pandemic, more and more students are applying for college.

The vast majority of families are paying for college directly out of their own pockets

Many families are even liquidating their retirement savings to cover college costs. 

Meanwhile, the inevitable “Great Wealth Transfer” is coming and will see Generation X parents inherit between $30 to $40 trillion from their parents.

This is the ideal moment for advisors to connect with Gen. X clients and bring those inherited dollars under your practice. 

But if outreach is a challenge, we’ve created an easy way to overcome it. 

With the CAP College Money Report™, you can effortlessly generate new leads across the country.

This custom lead acquisition tool plugs right into your website. Interested prospects will answer a handful of brief questions about their top schools, their gross earnings, and their household size. 

In short, these questions help determine their Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

We’ll then use the prospect’s information to craft a custom report and send it straight to their email. And whey they open the College Money Report™, they’ll receive tailored answers to essential questions including:

  • How much do colleges think I can afford?”
  • “How much will I have to pay out of pocket?”
  • “Will I qualify for grants and scholarships?”

Meanwhile, you’ll have collected that prospect’s contact information and have an easy path to approach them. 

The College Money Report™ is truly the best way to provide free, useful content while attracting college-bound clients. 

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