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Private Scholarship Search Tutorial

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There are billions of dollars available in private scholarships. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for most families to access them in a convenient and consolidated way.

College Aid Pro™ streamlines the scholarship search for advisors and families alike. To maximize convenience, our Private Scholarship Search can be accessed directly in your Family Portal.

It’s the simplest way to search for scholarships.

To learn how you can help families afford a great education, watch this brief introductory video about our Private Scholarship Search.

Or, you can follow this quick step-by-step tutorial to learn how it works:

  • Once you access the Family Portal, scroll down and click Private Scholarship Search.
  • On the Private Scholarship Search page, you’ll be able to narrow your focus. While we have 188 pages featuring over 5,000 private scholarships, you’ll be able to search according to your intended field of study. For this example, we’ll limit the scholarship search to Agriculture.
  • You’ll then be able to search for scholarships by amount. You can start small ($100 – $1,000) or search for bigger scholarships (upwards of $10,000). In this case, we’ll search within the private scholarship “sweet spot” —  the $1,000 – $5,000 range.
  • The scholarship list will start to take shape. By filtering results for agricultural study, the search yielded a two-page list of available scholarships, including the Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program, valued at $2,000. 
  • By clicking on the listing, you’ll learn about any application fees and find out if the scholarship is renewable. You’ll also be directed to the application link and the sponsor’s website for complete details.
  • If you like the scholarship, click the “heart” on the Scholarship Search page to save it to your Favorites. After you’ve selected your most top scholarships, they’ll all be aggregated on your Favorites page. 

Again, all of this is easily managed right within the College Family Portal. 

As an advisor, this is a great way to promote engagement between you and your college-bound family. While you oversee the aerial view of their upcoming investments, families will be able to search for and apply to a range of scholarships. 

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