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Are you a financial advisor who can empathize with parents of college bound kids?

Put yourself in the shoes of a parent with a high school senior, a sophomore, and an 8th grader…

You and your spouse work hard, you’re in a high tax bracket, and you’ve been able to give the kids a very comfortable life.

Imagine, you’re 47 years-old, and have two more children that will start college in a few years.

That hard-earned income isn’t going to stretch like it used to.

You can count on some promotions at work over the next 15-20 years.

And yet, you really want to be saving diligently to your 401k now.

So, how will you save and make it all work, without saddling your young graduates with debt?

…These thoughts are going through the heads of almost every mass-affluent family in America…


A Solution That Helps You Raise The Bar On College Planning Advice In Your Community


We created Mastering College Pre-Approval™ to meet these concerns head on.

Each module of our education series will walk you through a proven process that we use every day in our firm.

I’m confident it will work for you too because we’ve developed a repeatable system.

You’ll learn exactly how to make the college shopping, applying, and cost-saving process easier for your clients.

You can help them avoid the unmanageable debt load that too many young graduates are experiencing because no one was there to guide their family through this process.

When you apply Mastering College Pre-Approval™ in your practice, your clients won’t suffer like so many others.

What’s perhaps more powerful, you’ll be providing peace of mind…

And, word spreads in the community about how much you do for people.

Advisors always ask me, “Is it extra work to do college planning this way?”

Yes, you’ll do more front-end labor than other financial advisors. And, you’ll serve your clients at a higher level.

Your goal is to impress them now, and serve them for life.

When you show compassion for families from the beginning, and care for their most important goals, parents will talk about who to go to with questions.

Mastering College Pre-Approval™ prepares you for long-term rewards, and incomparable relationships with your clients for years to come…

Ready to learn to be the indispensable problem solver & college planning expert for your community?

Click here to see all the course details for Mastering College Pre-Approval™ (and how to build a practice you love around college planning advice).

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