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College Aid Pro Keeps Getting Better

The highest rated college planning software for advisors just keeps getting better. 

Our developers have been busy making the improvements our advisors have asked for. Here are some of the exciting updates and features we’ve added.

Merit Scholarship Projection

Merit Scholarship Projections can now project GPA only scholarships and the addition of a “Weighted GPA” field  enhances the merit scholarship projection algorithm. We’ve also enhanced logic for more tailored and detailed projections and improved accuracy of location eligibility. 

In addition, we’ve added a “Semi-automatic” type to show scholarships based on GPA and/or SAT/ACT that the student is likely to receive but is not guaranteed. 

International Students 

We’ve added a field to indicate household Country. This field will enable advisors to accommodate international students. 

They can also be used to filter for merit scholarships where international students are eligible.

Home Equity Asset Assessment

CAP now has the ability to assess impact and influence of primary residence equity on a school by school basis which is reflected in school specific EFC’s. 

This renders a more accurate net cost projection for homeowners. We’ve also added notes to indicate and explain home equity assessment. 

School Profile Updates

Graduation Rates have been added to the school profile pop out and report. We’ve also added Cost of Attendance details to school pop-out to show breakdown of tuition, room/board etc. 

Scholarship amounts now display for ranges. If under $5k, is will display as “low end” and more than $5k will display as ‘average.” 

Other Updates

In addition to all these great changes, we’ve continued to improve our Merit Scholarship Database and Private Aid Scholarship Database. We’ve added notes to explain Public Universities (FAFSA only) need based aid projections and removed the “Scores required” statement if the merit award is GPA Only. 

Want to see for yourself? Join us on November 17 at 1 p.m. EST to learn more about CAP 3.0. 

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