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College Aid Pro™ Announces Partnership with Private College 529℠


Dublin, OH — College Aid Pro™ Partners with Private College 529℠ (PC 529) to Better Serve Financial Advisors

College Aid Pro™ announced a partnership today with Private College 529℠, an organization that provides a prepaid tuition plan that allows families to save on the cost of college by purchasing tomorrow’s tuition at today’s prices.

Advisors will be able to acquire the knowledge needed to become the “go-to” advisor for all things related to education funding, financial aid planning, and student loan advising and be armed with cutting-edge software that streamlines the college planning process and enhances the deliverable they can provide to families.

“A core part of our mission is raising the bar in college funding advice.” says Joe Messinger, CFP®, Co-Founder of College Aid Pro™ and leading expert on education planning. “We are proud to support Private College 529 and their mission to help families save thousands on the cost of college. It is a huge step toward ending the student loan crisis and providing American families with comprehensive college funding advice that will positively impact generations to come.”

About College Aid Pro™

At College Aid Pro™ we know that families are overpaying for college and getting in over their heads with student loans. We believe that every student deserves to get a great education at a price that their family can afford. So we created software that demystifies financial aid and helps students find schools that will give them the most free money so they can graduate debt free and live richer lives!”

College Aid Pro™ (CAP) software application is an award-winning college funding tool built by financial advisors for financial advisors. This one-of-a-kind suite of tools helps financial planners seamlessly guide college-bound families through the college application and funding maze with confidence and ease. With College Aid Pro™, advisors can walk their clients through their #1 concern: affording college without robbing themselves of a financially stable retirement. With fully customizable lead generation, nurture, research, and reporting tools, CAP truly provides an all-in-one system for the modern financial planner. The College Aid Pro™ technology was honored to be the highest rated college planning software for 2019 and 2020 in the T3 advisor survey.

For more information, contact Candice Kolkka: [email protected]

About Private College 529℠ (PC 529)

Families save on the cost of college by buying tuition at today’s rates that can be used at any of the nearly 300 participating colleges and universities for up to 30 years. No matter how much tuition increases over the years, or how volatile financial markets are, the participating institutions guarantee your prepaid tuition. Account owners pay no fees. Every dollar you contribute goes toward the purchase of tuition.

Private College 529 Plan offers the same federal tax benefits as any 529 prepaid tuition plan or state-sponsored 529 college savings plan. The value of your Private College 529 account grows as tuition increases. The increased value of your account is tax deferred and if the assets are used to pay qualified higher education expenses, the increase in value is tax free.

For more information contact support: [email protected]

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