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College Aid Pro™ and Horsesmouth® Announce their Partnership


New York, NY — College Aid Pro™ Partners with Horsesmouth® to Better Serve Financial Advisors

College Aid Pro™ and Horsesmouth® have announced their recent partnership. Together, these two forces in the financial planning and fintech space are teaming up to offer an exclusive deal to members of Horsesmouth’s Savvy College Planning® program.

“Over the years, I’ve checked out a lot of college-planning software packages for advisors and I’ve been disappointed and discouraged at what I’ve seen. I am excited, however, to say that now I can finally endorse one enthusiastically.  I strongly recommend that advisors incorporate College Aid Pro software into their practice.

“CAP is a game-changing, killer software solution that will boost your own financial bottom line and serve as a powerful client/prospect magnet.  I totally see why CAP, which was designed by actual financial advisors, has won so many awards because there is nothing else on the market like it,” says Lynn O’Shaughnessy, program director of Savvy College Planning and author of the Amazon bestseller, The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price.

College Aid Pro™ is creating a movement of elite financial professionals to act as advocates for parents of college-bound students while providing these advisors with the tools and resources to lead their clients to better college outcomes in an efficient and scalable way.

“We believe the way America shops for college is all wrong,” says Joe Messinger, CFP®, Co-Founder of College Aid Pro™ and leading expert on college funding advice.

“We’re tasking 16 and 17-year-old students with making a $100,000 – $320,000 purchasing decision, oftentimes before they’ve even held a job. With CAP, we aim to turn the college planning process on its head. We’re empowering financial professionals to help their clients understand the full financial impact of their options, including at some schools they may have never considered that are willing to incentivize their student before they ever visit a campus or fill out an application. It’s a service that essentially did not exist for parents up to this point.”

“Combining CAP’s powerful software with Savvy College Planning’s comprehensive education and marketing program provides financial advisors with everything they need to serve families and grow their business,” says William T. Nicklin, CEO, Horsesmouth.

Horsesmouth and College Aid Pro™ are making it possible for professionals from across the financial services industry to change the way America shops for college. The combined offering is now available to Savvy College Planning members

About College Aid Pro™

College Aid Pro™ is changing the way America shops for college. The College Aid Pro™ software application is a state-of-the-art college funding tool for financial professionals. This all-in-one tool allows your clients to self-onboard, and have you guide them through an apples-to-apples comparison of thousands of colleges and universities across the country. Cost analysis and planning tools, along with white-labeled reports and client-facing solutions, are available with the click of a button.

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About Horsesmouth

Horsesmouth helps financial professionals educate their clients and grow their business. Every day, we serve tens of thousands of advisors, agents, consultants, accountants and other professionals, representing every major financial firm and business model. Our Savvy program series provides comprehensive education and marketing solutions to help advisors and their clients make critical financial life decisions on complex issues such as Social Security, Medicare, college planning, generational planning, caregiving, cybersecurity, IRA and tax planning. We are guided by extensive primary research and two decades of experience. The company is headquartered in midtown Manhattan with employees spread out across the country.