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Happy 529 Day! Celebrating Our Partners in Success

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Happy May 29th, or as it’s known in the financial world, National 529 College Savings Plan Day

For advisors, today is an especially important holiday designed to combat an alarming statistic: that over 70 percent of Americans don’t even know about 529 plans (or understand how much they help to ease the financial burden of college).

While the dawn of spring and the long-awaited end of lockdowns make it hard to focus on the future, take advantage of today to help your clients learn about 529 plans and prepare for one of life’s biggest investments. 

As an advisor, it’s vitally important to discuss how many compelling choices families have when it comes to selecting the right 529 Plan. 

How can you spread the word? Take five minutes and send out a short newsletter, write a quick blog, or make a social media post to capture your clients’ attention and start the conversation. 

At College Aid Pro™, we treat every day like it’s May 29th. While empowering advisors with our state-of-the-art tools, we also focus on educating college-bounding families themselves.

But don’t just take it from us. Hear what five of our partners in success have to say about the ways College Aid Pro™ has empowered their firms and helped their college-bound families.

It’s About Time

“College Aid Pro™ (CAP) is an amazing timesaver! I’m able to serve more clients more consistently, and I have the time to focus on specific strategies that save clients money. College planning completely changes when you use CAP.”

Jonathan West, Founder of College Funding Group, LLC

With College Aid Pro™, it takes advisors mere minutes to accomplish what used to take hours. You don’t even need to become a college planning expert to make a big impact on your clients; you just need the right tools to get started.

From the CAP Family Portal and Advisor Dashboard, to the CAP Community & Academy, Marketing Hub, and Report Dashboard, College Aid Pro™ gives you all the tools and insights you need in one convenient place. 

According to James Femia, Senior Financial Advisor at Apella Capital, College Aid Pro™ “has helped streamline my practice and provide an unparalleled service.” 

The Power of Collaboration

“The client portal feature has given me the opportunity to offer my clients even more value, and it gives my families a wonderful tool to continue to use as we work together — a great value add!” 

Peg Keane Keough, AIF® — Founder of Way to the Quad

College planning is a team effort, and it can’t be done in isolation. So while it’s important to work on behalf of your college-bound families, it’s even better if you can involve them in the process.

With the College Aid Pro™ Client Portal, college-bound families have the opportunity to engage in a self-service marketplace designed just for them. By using the portal, your clients will be able to identify the schools that provide the most money and view over thousands of individual scholarships to which they can quickly apply. 

At College Aid Pro™, we help empower you by empowering and educating your clients.

Lead Generation & Education: United

The new College Money Report is fantastic as both a lead generator and a terrific starting point for families who are considering hiring me to help them with the college process.”

Dan Bisig, Senior Financial Advisor, Apella Capital 

The College Money Report is an exceptional lead acquisition tool that provides a customized overview of their college-funding trajectory. 

In under five minutes, a family can enter their information and learn how much colleges think they can afford, get an automatic calculation of their EFC, receive a net price estimate, and get access to over 5,000 scholarships and grants. 

All of this information is packaged in a beautiful and tailored deliverable sent directly to your clients’ email. 

The College Money Report provides tremendous value to college-bound families while helping advisors identify if they’re a good fit for their firm. 

As Dan Bisig puts it, “You will be super glad you added this tool to your practice!”

Broadening Your Horizons

CAP expands my analysis to an unlimited number of colleges, allowing me to identify and propose to my clients some excellent but affordable schools they had not yet considered.

Robert J. Falcon, Founder, College Funding Solutions 

Most families spend far more on college than they should. Though there are several reasons for this, over-spending typically stems from a limited view of the marketplace. 

That’s often because their college shortlist prioritizes prestige and location over cost-effectiveness and value. 

With College Aid Pro™, you’ll finally be able to see the full higher-education landscape. As a result, you’ll be able to present your clients with wonderful (and affordable) schools that weren’t even on their radar. 

With this aerial perspective, you’ll be able to offer value-driven college guidance with confidence and ease. 

Getting Started

There are so many great reasons to work with College Aid Pro™. While helping you save time, our advanced software will also educate your clients, attract new prospects, and streamline the college planning experience in a profitable, repeatable way.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to give parents comprehensive information and strategies that would otherwise take days to provide. 

Want to check out a free demo? Click here to give it a try. 

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