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CAP Software Update

This week we’ve rolled out a notable software update for College Aid Pro™. This update has three key features that will positively impact users and their clients:

#1: Advisor Self-Registration Link

This page allows an advisor to create a self-registration link that is unique to their organization. This link can be used to invite clients to the CAP platform and facilitate collecting their data. This link leverages the Discovery Mode invitation which allows a client to enter their family information while NOT allowing automatic access to the Client Portal. 

A typical use case would be that an advisor may draft up their own email template for folks who may be interested in having a college consultation. They can include this link within the email that allows them to gather prospect data prior to their meeting. As opposed to logging in their CAP tool themselves and manually sending the invitation. Another use case would be that an advisor may create a button on their website or email signature that jumps to this link to automate data collection.

#2: Client Access Settings

We have now given advisors the ability for them to customize their parent portals. This allows advisors, depending on how they run their practice to tailor-make their clients’ experience. These settings enable/disable different features. It also allows advisors to offer full control of the tool to parents as well if they prefer to run their practice that way. allowing parents to access the base facts and make changes at any time.

#3: Borrowing Module

CAP has partnered with Credible to offer families an easy-to-use, private student loan marketplace. Borrowing is a last resort and hopefully not even something that has to be considered. That being said, we know that borrowing is still very much a piece of this puzzle so we wanted to provide value to advisors/clients by giving them a tool to be strategic about loans. This allows folks to compare thousands of private loans to get the best rate/terms for their family.

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