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CAP Software Update: Awards Feature

Video explaining the awards software update

We’ve rolled out a new software update to CAP!

Now, families have the ability to log in to their portal and not only view their college acceptances, but also input the financial aid award information in order to easily track acceptances and actual net costs. Financial aid awards are very difficult to read, and many families have quite a few to keep track of.

This software update will allow families to easily manage, track, and de-code the financial aid awards to help in their decision making during that stressful part of the process. This will help families better understand what is a need-based award vs. a merit-based award, and plan accordingly.

Advisors can choose to collect the financial aid awards from clients by having them upload the awards to the document vault, and input the award themselves to ensure accuracy. They then have the ability to mark it as “advisor verified”. The advisor can also allow the parent to upload and input the information themselves.

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