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What’s the best niche for most financial advisors now and in the future?

For a fee-only, fiduciary practice, college planning is just about the best niche you can get into right now because almost all mass-affluent families are worried about how to fund their children’s college education.

Look at this running total of student loan debt to understand the shocking scale of the student loan crisis…

As financial advisors, we’re in a unique position to help American families avoid this problem. I believe it’s our responsibility as an industry to help end the student loan crisis one family at a time.

Thousands of mass-affluent families who make too much money to get financial aid, and yet, don’t have enough saved to write a check for the entire college investment for their children, are nervous about how to afford college.

They need our help. We are the professionals who can best help them pay for college…without robbing Mom & Dad’s retirement.

The problem is, that as financial advisors, we haven’t gotten the education we need to best serve these families.

I want to see college planning on par with investments and retirement planning. I’m on a mission to recruit more financial advisors who see the scope of the student loan crisis and want to learn to do something about it.

So, I’ve designed a training that will help you serve your clients at a higher level, and build a business working with clients you love.

Let’s Raise The Bar on College Planning Advice

Capstone College Partners exists to help financial advisors reach their business goals faster than they imagined, and in the process, help solve the student loan crisis one family at a time.

A very ambitious goal, I know. And totally doable — I want to teach you how.

College planning is the best niche for most financial advisors who have been in business less than 10 years because, if you were to focus on college planning as your niche it would allow you to differentiate yourself from other advisors in your community. You can market yourself as a real problem solver.

Instead of picking a niche based around a profession (like many others do), or chasing after retirees (swimming in the red ocean) — you can have a firm that solves the biggest problem mass-affluent families have right now — paying for their children’s college education.

What’s great is that there is a deadline to this and families are nervous. They need help now. Traditional planning has no deadline, and most people keep putting it off.

College planning has a strict deadline. Families with several kids need help immediately and year after year.

We can help you position yourself as the go-to expert for college planning in your area. Getting college planning right on the front end makes you integral to your clients’ financial solutions because when you blow them away with sage college planning advice & solve this huge problem for them…they are quite likely to trust you to manage all their money.

In addition, college planning makes client attraction, acquisition, and retention easier because there is more demand to solve the problem, than there are advisors who know how to solve it.

You’ll learn how to do all this in Mastering College Pre-Approval™

This program is perfect for you if…

  • You see the scope of the student loan crisis, and want to do something about it.
  • You want to build a business that lights you up.
  • You want to be excited to go to work, and really help families.
  • You want to become a member of your community to whom families can turn to solve their most pressing financial concern.
  • You aren’t afraid to do a little extra front end work, knowing that you’ll earn your clients’ trust now and maintain a long-term relationship.
  • You’re prepared to work hard & learn the College Pre-Approval™ process, and then learn how to deliver so much value to your clients they choose you to manage all their savings — after you blow them away with your college planning solutions.

This program is not for you if…

  • You just want easy leads, so you can sell people more insurance.
  • You prefer high-pressure sales to the softer, consultative sales process.
  • It’s hard for you to empathize with Gen X families with college-bound children.
  • You’re desperate for clients, and want a silver bullet, get rich quick business model.

Isn’t it time to gain a competitive advantage in your area, and learn to serve your clients at a higher level?

Click here to see all the course details for Mastering College Pre-Approval™.

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